Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I sea

"What I see is totally beyond me, beyond my imagination and my own creativity"

A few things I want to point out about the universe around me in general.
We here on Earth are generally one entire society, yet so divided and non-unified on many different levels.
Many of the beings in this society are searching for "Peace Of Mind" or "Peace" to be short.
Even me!
But while we are in this never ending struggle for and search of peace, we are all at a crucial cross-roads.
Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Teachers destroy education, The Media destroys news, and Governments destroy peace and freedom. This is the conclusion i've come up with. It's not some "conspiracy theory" it is all veriafiably true, as a matter of fact. How could the majority of the Earth's civilization let this stuff happen? Even worse, people let it happen to them self and don't care and this ruins it for the ones around them! I wish not to offend people reading or viewing this, but only encourage enlightenment.
--- Is the enlightened person one who is willing to see how they are unenlightened? ---
 I have much learning to do, as do we all.
But do you see the relevance in the point I am trying to make? 
I have viewpoints on peace that I wish to share with ALL! One of my troubling viewpoints is that of local police forces in certain areas of the nation I live, the United States corporation. Their mission statements claim to protect, serve, and be in the best interest of "Peace" and "Harmony", Yet, How many times do you remember a Police Officer arressting Peaceful people, "Hippies" or just the average person who wants to enjoy a bit of the Marijuana herb? You know? Bob marley was a peaceful man, and had this herb on his mind, yet Police Officers nowadays do just the opposite of what they claim to be there for! It is absolutely fraudulent and totally corrupt. I am not against having a justifiable police force, but how does one justify those actions in most cases? I don't see how.
According to the US Code, from the cornell university website, the United States is a corporation. And there are many ways in which you can identify this corporation, a person, a ficticious entity, a country, a state, a soverign, many different things to call them. 
But quite frankly the controllers are responsible for many frauds, many acts of terrorism, and many many Breachings of the Peace and disruptions of the Peace. 
From what  understand the united states is supposedly a common law jurisdiction, with police forces that "protect" the peace.
Hmmmm...... Anybody see what I see? Lots of broken promises there! AND destroying the Peace, To boot!
What Peace are we referring to anyway!??
I'll touch up on this topic later though.
It just came to my mind because right now I am currently being disciplined for having tried to BE the PEACE, I guess that's not alllowed in this country, only on the internet I suppose.
I want to post, for now, a picture or two, representing my true frame of mind:

The Yin Yang symbol represents the two creative energies of the Universe. As there are only 2 energies, and 1 love.
It's an ancient symbol and one which can be applied very easily considering that you have the right books ;) - Examples include Day and Night, Male and Female, Adam and Eve, Hot and Cold, Polar opposites to be precise. Positively charged or Negatively charged particles. A battery! How does one apply this to his or her daily life? Perhaps you've heard of the upcoming 2012 date, and have seen the Galactic butterfly.
Here is something immediately appliable, and it represents the two creative energies of the universe, too! 
With the upcoming date on the gregorian calendar called 12.21.2012 and all of the predictions made about what may happen around this area of time, wouldn't it be in one's best interest to consider that some of it may be true? After all, Here we are, in 2011. 
Some of the predictions that I can think of from the top of my head made about this date are:
-Consciousness speeding up
-Pole shift/reversal
-Global Police state
-Global Protests
-Civil war - World Wide
-Asteroids bombardment
-Massive Solar flares
-Earth changes - volcanoes erupting, wildlife die off, floodings.
-Apocolyptic scenarios.
and last but not least, the most important one:
A Flowering of humanity and a Re-Birth
Much of the above is already coming true and has happened so far and we haven't even reached this gregorian date yet. 
So I highly suggest that all people everywhere around the entire planet atleast pay attention to the world around them. 
With something this big it is in one's best interest to at least QUESTION it! 
The 2 energies, therefore, are immediately applicable to a daily life of anybody in the Earth. There are other applications, but this is the one I have chosen for now.

 This picture here is a vision I once had, while meditating with my eyes closed out in the middle of the forest. I was out late one night and was becoming physically and mentally exhausted. At the end of my hike through the forest I sat down and closed my eyes to meditate, this is what I experienced. My higher self coming into me, leading me into the truth of my next endeavor. I'm not clear on what it all means but the spirit of christmas is red and green, and christmas is always a peaceful loving time. Why can't it be here year round? Why one day only? 
Corporate holidays such as valentines day (which just passed), christmas, easter, halloween, they are all very distracting. If people want to give gifts to each other and share peace they ought to practice the spirit of christmas as often as possible. If love is only one day of the year "valentines day" does this mean that we cannot create and make love all year round? Are orgasms more extreme on valentines day? I mean really, its all B.S.! To me, holidays are nowadays more of a way to make money off of the easily seduced weak minded individuals who desperately fall for the insidiously cleverness of their tricks. A good christmas now is a lot of things sold to alot of people. Candy canes that lower your immunity, chocolates filled with preservatives, and teddy bears and slave goods made from hardworking human beings that geting little if nothing in return. Not that there should be a mandated return policy on things given, but wouldn't it be more fair?
With respect to consciousness, and the matter at hands,